Sunday, February 28, 2016

Super Nonna

My mom leaves in two days.

She has been with me since January 27th.

I guess there are major perks to having twins - extra Nonna time.

The past month with her has been wonderful.

I have waited all my life to experience THIS moment, THIS life event with her.

To learn from her, be spoiled by her and cared for by her, watch her care for MY's like a right of passage.

I still feel like her little girl, but now I am a mom - just like her.

It's a whole new type of relationship and dynamic.
I want to make her proud.
I want to do it as good as she did.

Many people say that it's taxing - to have your mother or mother in law spend SO much time with you.

But really, it's my mom that has the harder end of the deal.

I have major OCD issues.
Well, to be fair, she raised me and taught me my clean freaky ways.

And we are all residing in 1600 sq feet....along with all the stuff that comes with not only having 1 baby, but 2.

Tight quarters.

But she endured it all.
Always with a smile.
Never once a complaint.
All she needed was a daily Pepsi and some time to herself to sew.

She truly is Super Nonna.

What I have enjoyed the most is seeing her with the babies.

I have to stop and remember that she has waited just as long as I have - to snuggle, smell and kiss their little bodies and faces.
She has also felt loss and pain.
She always struggled alongside me, even when I didn't realize it.

I love the way they look at her.
They know she is their Nonna.

She always has the right songs to sing and knows where to massage to make them feel better.

They feel her tenderness.

They feel her love.

It'll be sad when Nonna leaves.

For all of us.

A lot of people don't realize the huge benefit of being close to family.
It truly is a blessing, a gift.

I see it more now.
I feel it more  now.
I wish for it more now.

So we will just have to do a better job of FaceTiming, Skyping and visiting.

More trips home.
More memories made.

More time with our Nonna and Pops.
And Grandma and Poppa.
And Aunt Ashley and Uncle Rob.
And all of the cousins.

Our universe has truly shifted.
Vacations will forever be different then our past.
Our focus has changed.

 And we are just SO excited for all of it.


For leaving your home and spending the last month with us.
For living out of a suitcase and sleeping on a couch.
For waking up early and staying up late.
For letting me take a shower.
For allowing me to spend one on one time with Penny.
For cooking some of my favorite meals.
For watching trashy TV, like the Bachelor or the OJ Simpson Story.
For indulging in many bags of Mini Eggs and scoops of Sweet Cow ice cream.
For folding lot of laundry.
For spending countless hours feeding, burping, changing diapers and rocking little ones to sleep.
For inventing crazy, but perfect, nicknames.
For helping finish and organize the nursery.
For sharing your breakfast, lunch, dinner or even your lap with not just the babies, but with Penny.

For loving us.
For supporting us on the amazingly, wild ride.
For being excited for us.

And for even cleaning my oven.
(that's true Nonna love)

For just being here, with us, during such a special and monumental time in our lives.
It has been such a blessing.

We will miss you.

I will miss you.


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Taralyn said...

Oh Molly, I have been so truly touched reading your story❣ You are so very blessed, which I can tell you very much know. I have always adored your Family. I love your parents & it was fun watching you & your sisters grow up. So many good wishes, Love, prayers and blessings to you and your lovely AMAZING extended Family‼️