Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Annie and Bo officially turned 3 months last Friday!

They have been such a joy in our home.
Our house actually feels like we live in it.
It feels warm.
Like a home.
Has a twinge of baby powder/stinky diaper/baby lotion smell to it.
It has been overrun by playmats, DockATot, Table for Two, books, blankets, bottles and teeny tiny socks.


If you think about 3 months or 13 weeks, it really only boils down to 13 Fridays. 

We have had these little miracles for 13 Fridays.

Seems so much longer than that.
Seems like they have always been here.
Or at least have been here A LOT longer than 13 Fridays.
 (But maybe that's the interrupted sleep talking.) 

I really can't complain.
They are GOOD babies.
They are SWEET babies.
They are FUNNY babies.

They are OUR babies.

My life as their mom finally feels real.

We are a couple with babies.
We have babies.

We are a family.

The past 7-8 years of struggle have now faded.
The emptiness within my heart is now full.

I look a bit more ragged.
I feel a bit more sluggish.
I may eat a bit more chocolate.

But I am, we are, enjoying every minute of these sweet little miracles.
The good definitely outweighs the bad.
The bad doesn't actually exist, it should be considered just "different".

Our lives are different.
Friday and Saturday nights are different.
My workouts are different.
My routine is different.
My priorities are different.


Here's a bit about the babies.

Annie is my little peanut.
Even though she's twice her birth weight, she's petite, feminine, sassy and can light up a room.
She smiles hard.
She smiles big.
Her eyes are bright.
Her heart is on her sleeve.
And boy, can she be demanding.
Her cry is immediate and tells exactly how she feels.
She demands instant satisfaction. (Like her dad.)
She is a bit more independent from me, but dependent on the binky.
She loves looking at her brother.
She loves to read.
She loves music.
She loves FaceTiming with family.
She's got the pouty bottom lip figured out and uses it often.
She is very routine and is a great sleeper.

Bo is my chunk.
My little man.
A total mama's boy.
He loves to be held.
He just discovered his voice and loves to hear it coo, especially in the middle of the night when we should be getting back to bed.
He is subtle.
He is a thinker.
He smiles more with his eyes and less with his lips (but I think that's changing).
His cheeks are heavy but so so kissable.
He has big hands and loves to play with them.
He loves to read books.
He loves music, especially when mom sings.
His cry is sad sounding, almost borderline pathetic. 
He can get worked up, but takes a while to do so.
He loves to touch his sister, just to know she's there. 
Sometimes he likes to swipe her binky out of her mouth because that's what brothers do.
He can be lazy, but I think his head and cheeks are just too heavy to bother lifting up during tummy time.
He loves to FaceTime and to watch TV.
He also is a good sleeper, but sometimes wakes up just to be held. 

How lucky are we?

Happy 3 months my angels.
We love you.