Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yep, We Are Nesting

Jason and I spent majority of our Thanksgiving holiday prepping the house for the babes. We did take time to enjoy a fabulous dinner with some friends, but most of our days (and nights) were devoted to the many IKEA boxes that were crowding our guestroom.

We live in only 1600sq feet. So logistically, two of everything, is tight. A lot of shifting of things had to take place. Our sweet Penny was NOT particularly excited, but she is slowly adapting to all of the new stuff.

We even got all of the Christmas stuff up! Moved Jason's office and got the "infant area" ready downstairs. We just need to find the right glider/recliner and bust out the pack and play. We are hoping that having a space upstairs and down will make it just a bit easier with two. We finally feel like we are using every space in the house. We lost the "guestroom", but we never had too many visitors anyways. (Thank goodness for a blow-up bed.)

 love my Uppababy

 tight quarters but lots of storage

not so merry Penny 

infant area, used to be Jason's old office space
 Jason is very happy to have his own space and a door that will close!

A huge weight has been lifted because at least now everything is CLEAN, TIDY and in it's place. Now the fun part of decorating gets to happen. My mom has been busy making a second set of bedding. The stroller and car seats are out of the boxes and we have been practicing with all the buttons etc.


We are going to have babies!

Real babies!

Our babies!

We spent the early morning hours chatting about what we were excited for. Thoughts were:

-what they will look like
-how Penny will be with them
-how they will grow up with Penny and be best buds
-lazy Saturday mornings tag teaming a workout and then maybe brunch
-their crazy Japanese hair (I hope they have it)
-family vacations
-cousin time
-holding them
-smelling them
-teaching them 
-singing to them
-telling them their amazing birth story 
-living a new life, as a family

We know life will change. We know things will be different. We will have to be different. And we are ready for that. We have worked so hard just to get them here. There have been many sacrifices made by many people.

You know how we were going to spend Thanksgiving? Going to Thailand on a big 2 week adventure. We had it booked. We were all set. One more BIG trip before.....babies.

But after our trip to SC to visit them, we both had a deep impression to cancel the trip. Save the money. Get the house ready.

So we did.

Maybe we were nesting. Maybe we are just ready for this change.  We have had so many wonderful adventures together, but I know nothing will compare to this.

This is our ultimate adventure.

I just can't wait.

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Sarah Foreman McKellar said...

Yay!! Peter and I got a good chuckle at Jason putting the cribs together. Peter said -- been there!