Sunday, August 30, 2015

DON'T Curb Your Enthusiasm


Jason and I are so grateful for all of the positive and enthusiastic comments, well wishes, prayers, thoughts, notes, tweets, likes, emojis and LOVE that EVERYONE has displayed since we made our big announcement.


We are even more grateful for the understanding and accepting of our situation and having a family member help us out. 
We feel so blessed to have Ashley do this for us and it is very confirming to have so many other people agree.

Sometimes, all you want is a little enthusiasm.

Example: While on family vacation a few weeks ago, I explained to my nephew what was "happening". How he was going to have cousins. And that it was not just one, but TWO!

He processed the information well. Better than most adults.
Later in the week, while at dinner, he looked up from coloring his menu and exclaimed, 
"Aunt Mo, you're going to be a MOM!"
(all done in a very cutesy almost cheesy voice)

My heart melted.
My spirit soared.

All I had been looking for (especially from those close to us) was a little enthusiasm.

The day a close friend saw a video (or I should say, TWO videos) of our first ultrasound.

And she screamed. 
Belted out a sob of joy.
Grabbed me and squeezed me tight.
Tears in her eyes.

Now that is enthusiasm.


Even my niece and nephews, Ashley's kids. From the time Ashley and Rob asked how they would feel about her doing this amazing act for us to now, they have had nothing, but pure enthusiasm.


The ENTHUSIASM award goes to my sweet nephew Klein. Since it "worked" he has wanted to tell everyone about it.
During our family trip to DC he said proudly, "there are 9 people in the car". And there were. But then he proudly proclaimed, in a whisper, "Actually, there are 11!"

He even made a chart and very enthusiastically wanted to take it to church, before we had made our announcement.
Sadly, he was told he couldn't, and he was so upset.

What a sweetheart.
He is so excited and so proud to have his cousins in his mom's belly.


That's all we have hoped for.
That after all we had been through.....that others would be excited that something had finally worked.
And as unconventional as it is, it is magnificent and truly a blessing.

That someone would do this, out of the kindness of their heart, out of pure love, with no agenda.
Because that's exactly what is happening.
And because of her......our babies,
our last 2 babies,
have a chance.

We have a chance,
to be a family here on Earth.

And in Heaven.

We are approaching 16 weeks on Wed.
I never made it past 16 weeks.
I lost Jack at 15 weeks and 6 days.
(read about it here)

This is my milestone.
Where I commit.

When I start being enthusiastic.

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D.Bell said...

I love reading these updates and LOVE how excited the whole family is for you two! How magical to hear the heartbeats. Thank you for sharing that <3 Gotta stop reading these at work though - co-workers are getting concerned about all the crying, haha.