Thursday, September 3, 2015

Secret Admirer

These sweet little spirits already have an admirer.

The past 2 weeks we have been gifted a sweet surprise in our mailbox.

I have my suspicions on who this person could be, but I am probably way off. The only clues are that someone knows where I live, and that I was waiting until now to really start celebrating.
And...they are creative wrappers.

When I first got the little white onesies, I laid them out and just kept looking at how small they were.
I was in awe that one day, soon, there were going to be little bodies, actual little bodies, in them.
And that they were going to be mine (ours).

It made it feel so real.
And so soon.

We are in our 16th week.
Huge milestone for me.
And I have so much peace in my heart.
In my head.

Our babies are in the Lord's hand and close to Ashley's heart.
They are exactly where they should be.
And I am so grateful.

The past few days I have been thinking of all the exciting moments to come.
I tear up every time.
Ok, maybe more than just tear up, I bawl.
But it's a good cry.
An exciting, hopeful, the spirit fills my heart kind of cry.

I like to think about the day of their birth.
Being in the hospital.
Waiting for their first cry.
Looking at their sweet faces.
Who's lips will we see?
Will they have crazy Asian hair?
Will one have my blue eyes.

Holding them.
Oh, holding their warm bodies.
Feeling their hearts beat.
Being skin on skin.
Smelling their newborn smell.

I like to think about their Blessing Day and our Sealing Day.
Dressing them in white.
Presenting them to the Lord to be ours for time and all eternity.
Making those covenants.
Hearing the words from my husband as he stands in the circle.
Feeling the spirit and knowing our other children are with us.
Being surrounded my our family and friends.

I like to think about my nieces and nephews.
How this act of service will influence them in their lives.
The college essays they could write.
The testimony they will bear to those when they serve a mission.
The love and compassion they will have for others because of the example their parents have shown them.

 I think about the relationship they will build with these babies.
The bond they will share.
The memories they will create.

So many people have been on this journey with us.
So many people have been there to celebrate with us and to pick up the broken pieces.
These babies are so loved already.
And they will continue to bring people together because of how they were brought into this world.

I feel so blessed.
I feel so grateful that I get this unique experience.
This is the story I am meant to tell.

So whoever our admirer is, whoever is making this experience even more special for me (us)....


I can't wait to be a mom.


Lindy & Trever said...

So beautiful Molly! You are so loved and so are those little peanuts!

Melissa said...

Wow, way to make a person cry Molly! I am so excited for you & your husband. This makes me cherish my own so much more. Thank you for sharing!