Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Foster Mama - Molly

 When you can't have your own...foster.

It's a busy week in the Reynolds Household. Jason and I are fostering 2! 8 week old Vizsla puppies for a week or so. Our job, while they find them their forever homes, is to love and care for them and to also get them spayed and micro-chipped.

They came from Kansas. The whole litter is 7 puppies, 6 girls and 1 boy. They are spread out in pairs in different foster homes here in Denver.

I have pink girl, who I call Eleanor Rigby (Ellie) and red girl, who I call Sargent Pepper (Pepper). They go well with my Penny Lane.

Red girl, Pepper, reminds me a lot of Penny. She will be hard to say good-bye to. Luckily my schedule is light this week and I can dedicate all my waking hours to these sweet girls.

Oh... and I cannot forget, my first foster, Abe, is back for a visit. His family went to Hawaii.

It's a full house at the Reynolds this week.

Lots and lots of love.

It's been good for my heart.

red girl - Pepper


pink girl - Ellie

sister snuggling

abe (simcoe) loves the warm floors



penny is a bit jealous...wants more of my attention

puppy pile

abe snuggling the girls

abe and ellie


tiny pepper


Anonymous said...

They're so adorable! Do you have to spay them already? They seem so young for that kind of surgery.

Adele said...

Such a sweet heart & spirit you have!!!!