Sunday, April 14, 2013

Signing Off - Molly

Dear Friends,

I have come to a decision.

It is time for me to take a pause, a break, some time off from the STILL Not Pregnant blog.

My doctor has advised (for my mental health and overall happiness) that I take a break from the blog. She believes (and I agree) that I need to walk away for awhile and take care of myself.

Writing STILL has been a tremendous blessing for me. It has not only been therapeutic, it has also it has allowed me to connect with and support so many other women and couples struggling with infertility.

The love and support that I have been shown through STILL has overwhelmed me. It has rejuvenated my belief in human kindness and the strength of the human spirit. It has restored my faith, hope and need to serve. It has softened my heart, reminded me of my many blessings and allowed me to be open and honest about my own feelings and thoughts.

I have loved sharing my journey with everyone. Shedding light onto infertility/IVF has meant so much. My voice, as well as others, has been heard. People now has a glimpse of what it is like to be in their sister, best friend, neighbor, college roommate, teammate or co-worker's shoes. I have been able to help people understand what to say or not say, how to be their friend and how to love and support them.

The comments and emails have been my favorite. Knowing that someone out there needed to read what I wrote, has felt what I felt or could understand the process, even when it doesn't work out. It has been amazing to celebrate people's success, mourn with them during their times of loss and guide them as they gingerly step through the tumultuous process. Sustaining others feelings of faith and hope has been a goal. Exposing people to the strength that I draw from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how my beliefs have molded my perception of trials and tribulations has kept me uplifted and motivated to move forward, knowing good things will come.

And good things will come.
The Lord has a plan for me, for us.

But for now, I need a break.
A break from the daily writings.
Time off from my infertility and all the thoughts and pains that come with it.
A pause from all the things that my body is not able to do.

I need to just enjoy the space I am in.
And take care of myself, my husband, my pup...

So for now... I am signing off.

I will also be "unfollowing" blogs, Instagram and Facebook for a while.
I need to remove myself from the thoughts of "being behind" or feeling like "it's happening to everyone else, but not me".

I am so excited for so many people, please know that. I wish you and the rest of your journey nothing but the best, but I cannot, not right now. I have to take care of me. I need time to heal. Time to be happy.

If you want to stay in touch, please email me at and I am happy to share my Facebook info. Instagram (be prepared for a lot of dog and exercise pics) is mollyo11. You can also follow our family blog Reynolds Rap, but I will not be talking anything infertility/IVF until we make further decisions about trying again, using a carrier or waving the white flag.

we decide what we are going to do next, I will return to STILL. I will be happy to continue my journey with you, if you want to follow along.

for now, my friends, I say, not good-bye but...

for everything.



(Jason and Penny)

I have been blessed BIG - thank you


Johnson Family said...

Molly, I think it's so great that you've had this outlet and yes, it has been helpful for me to understand what so many of my friends and family have gone through. Thanks for being so open and honest. That is something I've always loved about you.
let's talk soon!
love you-Kristin

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this post!

Very best wishes going forward for you and your whole family!


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you, Molly. You will STILL be in my thoughts and prayers.

ElleTee said...

You are such an inspiration. All the best to you and your family and I hope you enjoy your time off. It sounds just lovely<3

Anonymous said...

Your awesome!!!

Diana said...

Thank You for sharing your experiences Molly. We were both in the Valp. ward once. Good luck in your adventures!

Holly said...

Hi Molly. I just started following you and we just had a failed FET. You are so honest, so raw, and so faithful. You have encouraged me to keep the faith. I just deactivated facebook because I too am tired of "feeling behind" and the DAILY reminder. I wish you a great rest, a clear mind, and a fun time without the pain of IF in your face.