Friday, April 5, 2013

My Boys - Molly

Happy Birthday to my sweet Jack.

Four years and I still remember every moment of that day.

jack j reynolds 4/5/2009

He would have turned 4 this year.
He would have had his daddy's eyes.
He would have been witty and smart.
He would have known how to throw a mean pitch.
He would have loved Penny.

I met with our doctors this week to clear me for "spousal activities".
 The results came back from our D&C and the doctor informed me that our little baby would have been another sweet boy.
Some have asked if we are going to name him.
We are undecided.
Everything is still too fresh.

Jack and Grace would have had a little brother though. 
And they would have been the best of friends.

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Lisa said...

They DO have a little brother and are playing, loving, and adoring each other on the other side! And of course they are talking about their amazing Mommy and Daddy still down on Earth and are excited for the day far away (although it seems farther to you than them) when their Mom and Dad get to share the blessings of heaven WITH them!

Love you Molly! Hang in there! All your amazing spirit children are watching over you and wrapping their arms around you.