Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Symptoms? - Molly

Ultrasound again tomorrow. Yah! With each ultrasound, and a heartbeat, my chances of first trimester miscarriage decrease. Weeks 8-10 are the most critical, but if I get a steady heartbeat tomorrow, I can continue to be optimistic.

A lot of people are asking if I am having any symptoms. And to be honest, I feel better than I actually want to admit too. I would like to feel worse because then I could be a bit more assured that things are cooking.

But yes, if I really pay attention to myself (and I am pretty body aware), I do have symptoms. The most obvious being breast tenderness. I only really notice this because the pups love to lay right on my nipples. Another symptom is I am always hungry. I have been really trying to just eat balanced. Breakfast usually is two scrambled eggs, 1-2 chicken apple sausages and a large cup of steamed green beans. I follow that up with some sort of fruit.

In the old days, that could tide me over almost until dinner (even with all of my workouts). Now, my stomach is grumbling in less than 2 hours. Another instance is dinner tonight. While cooking I cut myself some spicy chili cheddar cheese, had a cup of applesauce and half of an English cucumber sliced. That was about 330pm. At 4pm sharp, dinner was ready because my husband has a study group and I wanted him to eat before he left. Dinner consisted of an 8oz (1.5" thick) sirloin steak (yum and cooked perfectly I might add), about a cup of broccoli and some baby red potatoes fries. I ate the whole thing. Now it is 630pm and I feel empty!!!

Something's up.
Hope it's a baby.

Another symptom is my mid day slump. Granted, when I work out and am going, going, going, I don't have time to "lay down". Now that I do, yes, I do doze a bit. There is also moments of constipation (but it could have been the popcorn I ate during the Bachelor) and bouts of insomia (but I think I am just not as tired because I am not working out).

That's it.
Pretty lucky.
But I sort of wish I was slumped over the toilet dry heaving.
Just being honest.

Tomorrow marks 7 weeks 4 days.
I have a LONG way to go.
I will probably be eating crow in a few weeks when I am on my death bed with nausea.
That would be awesome.

Favorite things right now?
Double Chocolate Chip Creme at Starbucks (no whip cream)! Could eat one everyday!
Reese Peanut Butter Cup (extra stuff) Blizzard! Even though it gives me gas.

So we shall see.
Appointment at 130pm until almost 3pm.
(Drive time will be horrendous with traffic.)
I will post as soon as I can.


Amanda said...

Just wait till 9 weeks. Then you will feel like crap.

Adele said...

This post is great! Sounds so hopeful! I'm praying for you and will anxiously await your post tomorrow. Continue to EAT EAT EAT and REST REST REST!!!!!! :@)

Dan and Katie said...

Can't wait to hear. I'm rooting for you!

desiree. said...

will be thinking of you, molly! xo