Thursday, March 14, 2013

Curled Up Pearl - Molly

7 weeks 4 days.

I had my 8 week ultrasound a few days earlier due to scheduling.
I do have another 8 week appointment with my high-risk OB next Wednesday.

next wednesday it'll look more like a baby and less like a blob

 Heart rate measuring at 157, but the little pearl wouldn't stretch out to get a full measurement.
Oh well, just grateful for that little flicker on the screen. 

As of Monday, they are decreasing my hormones in hopes to start weaning me off.
I will decrease my current 4 estrogen patches to 3 and be done with my nightly progesterone suppository. (YAY!)

Then more blood on Wednesday morning at CCRM to see if I am holding my own. 
Going to need some prayers for that. 
I have never been able to get stable in my hormones on my own.

And the bleed.....that little tiny 5mm bleed (sac separation) - 
it isn't any larger!
 Prayers are working.

But it isn't any smaller.
Need more prayers.

The nurse recommended one thing...
to take it easy.

Aren't I already doing that?

No, she said. 

No lifting (kids, dogs, grocery bags, laundry baskets, vacuums up the stairs).
No pushing (grocery carts, kids on swing, dogs off the bed, vacuums).
No pulling (vacuums, grocery carts, dogs on leash).
Good thing Jason is around a bit more next week.

Bed rest without the bed.

So now you can all hold me accountable.
And hopefully help me exercise Penny a bit.
Not really worried about P, she is not herself these days.
Maybe go to Costco with me.

She said if I can do this, for at least a week (until the next ultrasound) I can really give myself/my body a chance to heal this bleed.
If I heal this bleed, I can a greater chance of getting through all of this a bit more unscathed and possibly getting to be somewhat active during this pregnancy.
Short walks are allowed, but hoping to add swimming and maybe yoga in.

i sure hope so!


Kim said...

This is great news but sounds so hard to be so limited! Why can't they leave you on the hormones throughout the pregnancy?

ElleTee said...

I love hearing about the positive progress, Molly! Many prayers your way.

Tanika Rice said...

YAY for the bleeder not getting any bigger! Will continue to pray for a successful pregnancy! :)

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

I think this is great news! I'm praying the bleed goes away.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Found your blog a couple of weeks ago.

Really hoping for your happy ending!


Sunflower said...

Yay to a good ultrasound and being able to get off the suppositories. I hated those, but I suppose its better than alternative which are the shots!
Hope your bleed resolves itself soon so you can enjoy your pregnancy.

MJ said...

Hey Molly! Such an inspiration to hear your story. I've had two miscarriages myself, both before 10 weeks. With my third pregnancy they put me on 200 mg of progesterone a day, but stressed that I had to stay on it until 12 weeks. I'm pregnant again and my new Doctor put me on 300 mg and again made a point that it was very important for me to stay on the progesterone until the placenta take over at 12 weeks. I don't know your full history, it just struck me as odd that they took you off progeserone so early.

Thank you again for being a strong voice for all the women who've gone through this. We need to make it ok to say miscarriage in a voice other than a whisper. I will keep you in my prayers.