Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Today I received a gift in the mail.
It was from a friend of my Dad.
I met him and his son at a meeting here in Denver that my Dad was attending.
We shared a nice pasta dinner that night.

Anyways, we got to talking and CrossFit came up.
The man informed me that he went to CrossFit in Idaho where he lived. 
In fact, he and his son went and they paid for their employees to go as well.

I just thought that was awesome.
Father and Son crossfitting together.
Just awesome.

Anyways, my current situation came up as well. 
I told him I kept a blog.
He later asked my dad for that information.
And I guess he's been reading.

Today I received a gift in the mail that touched my heart...
and gave me hope.

Sid T. sent me a t-shirt from his box Bring the Heat CF in Idaho.

His note says that he hopes I wear this t-shirt when I make my CrossFit comeback.
Whether I make that comeback in a week, a few months or in late October, I will make a comeback.

And when I do, I will be proud to BRING THE HEAT Sid.

So thank you Sid, for the gift. I can't wait to wear it (even though I hope it's in 32 weeks).
Keep reading Sid because I am going to BRING THE HEAT...
one way or another.

This journey has placed so many people in my path that I would have never expected. 
I believe the Lord has been watching over me and putting these people in my path.
He is reminding me that no matter what happens, whether I have children in this life or the next...

I will always have my friends.

So if you do anything this week...


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