Monday, March 18, 2013

Non Bed Rest - Molly

I spent today on non-bed bed rest.
Everyday I am now spending some hours with my father.

I am using my free time to accomplish a project for my father.
It is quite a large and lengthy project, but hey, I have a bit of time on my side.

For about 15 years of his life, my dad commuted an hour north.
And each time he got into the car (at 6am), he popped a little tape into a recorder and talked.
He talked about everything from family history, memories, thoughts of the day and randomness.

It's been interesting to listen too.
Somedays it breaks my heart because he is tearful as he remembers his family, especially my grandmother.
Somedays it makes me laugh because I can't make out anything he is saying or I can't believe what he said. 
Somedays, most days, are quite interesting because I am learning about my grandparents and how life was on the prairies. 

 I get to hear (and type) all of the "My Daddy Used to Say" stories, that I grew up hearing from the pulpit or at home (usually following a lecture).

I am learning about various people in my Father's life that were important to him.
People from his mission, first job, high school, early in marriage, early in his church service and I even get to hear about his relationship with my mother and us girls.

I have 54 hour long tapes to listen to and type up.

So far I have completed 6 tapes.

I have typed 34 single spaced pages.

Only 48 more tapes to go.

It's a labor of love.
But if it keeps this baby inside of me another day, week, month - I will be grateful for the time spent.

I have quite a neat contraption that I use. I put the headphones on and use a foot pedal to stop, start and rewind. 

Each side roughly take me 30min to an hour plus, depending on the information.
I have been given editory rights to delete information that I feel is not interesting or important.
It is hard to decipher which is which, so I just think "if I want my kids to know it" then I keep it.

So wish me luck.
Hold me accountable.
I want to get this done by a certain date.

single spaced...12 font. I will need carpal tunnel work after this.

the tapes I have left to do - 3 layers deep

my set up... old school headphones


CAISA said...

you are actually doing it! i am impressed. good girl!

Kim said...

That sounds awesome! I wish we had something like that.

Kimber said...

This is fantastic! What a treasure trove. I so wish my dad had done something like this....

Tanika Rice said...

That is REALLY cool!

Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Wow! What a beautiful thing to have.