Sunday, February 17, 2013

Then You Stand - Molly

I know what you're thinking....THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY! But I just received this email from a dear friend and I had to share her thoughtfulness.

Jason and I just had a good cry as we watched a video that she prepared using pics from the blog. She paired it with a song that she said reminded her of me and our journey.

What makes this gesture even more special, more tender is that this woman herself has been on a journey as well.

We found comfort in each other through good times and bad. She has shared with me her trials....and while we are very similar in one can ever really know what you are going through.

So as you watch THIS VIDEO she prepared, if you could say a special prayer for her and the family she is trying to have here on this earth.

So a big thank you to my dear friend - for reminding me of how far we have come...much love to you.

**PS - the song is a perfect choice.

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