Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Double Beta - Molly

Most have already heard or saw on Facebook or Instagram (follow me at mollyo11) that I had my second beta test this morning.

They called and my number had increased by more than the needed 66%. It doubled! This has definitely increased my confidence, but we are still taking it day by day.

Some people have been a bit confused to what I mean by "my numbers have doubled" and I realized that not everyone speaks "IVF". (Most people just realize they missed their period, pee on a stick and 36 weeks later have a baby.)

Sunday and today they were testing my HCG (pregnancy hormone) numbers. A good first test is 50+. A second test has to increase by 66% to make it a "viable pregnancy".

Since I did test "positive" they ran my progesterone and estrogen as well. Those numbers (with the doses I am on) have also tested well and they are on target for what they should be to support a pregnancy.

Some people have asked if this this "better or worse" than my last bout with IVF. At this stage in the game, I am exactly where I was last year. There is still nothing to point to in this pregnancy on whether it will or won't work. My first round of IVF my HCG numbers (both first and second test) were higher because I had implanted two embryos (as it should). Only one ultimately continued.

There is nothing that can be said for this time around. We just have to take it week by week, day by day. Next obstacle is more blood (HCG, progesterone and estrogen) next week. My HCG numbers need to continue to rise, double, triple etc. And my estrogen and progesterone need to stay in a steady place to support a growing pregnancy.

An ultrasound will be set after that for the next week and hopefully a flutter will appear. Then once a heartbeat is detected we will prepare to start blood thinners at 8 weeks.

So...a long road ahead.

But we are on it. No turning back. No regrets. I'm strapping on my big girl pants and not looking back. I will give this everything I've got. And whatever happens, happens.


Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

I'm praying for a healthy baby!

Laura said...

Whew, that's good news! It is a long road ahead, but you are doing great so far, and your attitude is excellent! You really are giving it your all, and at the end of the day that is the very best any of us can do. :)

Jimmy and Alison said...

I had not read the blog in a while and was so happy to see this !!! Prayers my friend for you and baby !!!!