Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And So It Begins - Molly

A few days in and I am already feeling yucky.

I am hungry, yet nothing sounds good.
I am tired, but not sleepy.


I caught Jason's cold.
I thought I was going to beat it.
But then I woke up this morning to a scratchy throat.
As the day progressed, so has my symptoms.
Sore throat when I cough.
Slight fever.

Just overall....icky.

I have never been so happy to feel so bad.
And it's snowing out, so there are even more reasons to stay in bed.

A few surprises showed up today to make me feel better though.

My dear friend Alecia told me how good it was and VIOLA! It showed up at my house.
Thank you Alecia!
I need a good new read!

now dip all the pineapple in chocolate...
This also showed up and without a card!
So THANK YOU to whomever sent it!
Please reveal yourself!

I have already taken it apart and eaten some of the pineapple - I just can't get enough.

I feel truly blessed to have so much love and support as we venture on this road again.
Readers, friends, co-workers, bosses, family, neighbors...EVERYONE, has made me feel so supported. I have been truly blessed with the community around me.



Alecia said...

Your welcome! Hope you enjoy it. :) xoxo

Anonymous said...

"I have never been so happy to feel so bad". lol, I love that!

Laura said...

Hopefully you start feeling better soon! It's good that you are resting a lot though, that has to be good for you.