Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#mygirlpenny - Molly

Tomorrow someone turns 3.

We love this girl more than we ever thought possible.
She has brought more life, love and light into our hearts and home in the past 3 years, than anything ever has in all our lives.

Our journey through infertility and IVF has reminded me even more that I (we) need this girl.
She has been through it all - the shots, the drugs, the joys and the tears.
She has comforted me in the worst of times. She was there when I lost Grace. I could see her in the hallway, so worried and concerned and unsure of how
 to take care of me. 
I know it was so hard on her to see me in pain, to have the paramedics bust in and take me away. I know it affected her. She is still wary about coming into the bathroom. 
I know she remembers it all. 
She still worries about me.
And she is still trying to take care of me.

She has licked away every tear.
She has snuggled away every dark thought.
She has loved me through it all.

This small, red girl has taught me (us) unconditional love.
I worry about her constantly.
I get up each day with the goal to make her day the best day ever.
When we are away from her, we miss her and can't wait to see her again.

I am her mom.
And it feels good to be someone's mom.

I can't believe she was ever this little.

she's the one in red!
Penny and the past 3 years has introduced us to so many wonderful people and of course, their red dogs.

And we've had a fun 3 years, traveling whenever we can with her.
She gets us up and out everyday.

This girl has my (our) hearts.
She has saved my life.
And she has loved us through it all - the good, the bad and the ugly.

No matter what happens in this upcoming year or even in the years to come,
she will always be our girl. And I am so grateful to have her.

Happy Birthday Penny! 
Thank you for loving us so much and for teaching us how to love.

We love you!


Devon T. said...

Love that red dog. Happy birthday sweet girl!

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Dogs are amazing people. They just seem to sense what we need of them the most. So glad you have this "person" in your life.

Terry said...

So sweet. I love this post. Reminds me of our little Italian Greyhound, Sadie. During my miscarriage she layed at my feet, howled/cried when I was sobbing and was so worried for me. Such a caring little...."human"...yes my hubby and I refer to our little Sadie as a little human. Dogs are amazing little creatures. Thank you for sharing this.