Monday, December 10, 2012

Jagged, Little Pill(s) - Molly

pill cupboard (stuff on the left is Penny's)

organized bottles

another view, note that I have thrown away many many bottles!
Remember this post...

Not much has changed in my "daily dose".

I added maca and magnesium in the routine to help try to get pregnant naturally, but...yeah, that didn't happen.

I just started doping again. 
After losing Grace, I didn't take one pill.
Not my thyroid med, not my folate.
No pre-natals or baby aspirin.
I was done. 

But's time to start prepping. 
So I am back at it.
Oh, what fun!

(and this doesn't even include the meds in the fridge!)

daily dose

1 comment:

Devon T. said...

Ugh, I hope that your weekend helped you recoup a bit from last week. Thinking of you bunches and reading every post, even if I don't comment.
When do you head to NYC? You're going to have a blast.

Once you start taking Lovenox you'll have to be careful of its interactions with common things like baby aspirin, ibuprofen and Aleve. But, I'm sure your doc will go over all of that.

Love ya!