Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Humbled - Molly

 Today I had two very humbling experiences.
I received two very special gifts.

And I was reminded, again, about how wonderful and kind people truly are.

First, I came home this afternoon to this beautiful orchid from my friend Elise.
It was unexpected.

It made my heart swell.
She just wanted to remind me that she was thinking of me.

 And then it humbled me.

This beautiful orchid reminded me that even though people have busy lives, 
that they are still thinking about you, praying for you, supporting and loving you. 

Thank You Elise. 
It really meant a lot.

The second gift was from my sweet neighbor.
She too, had read my blog post and came over tonight to show me this card that she had received 6+ years ago.

She explained that it was a dark time for her. 
She felt very alone.

And then one day, this card showed up.
No postmark.
No signature.

The inside is the best.
A special handwritten note - just for her.

Thank You Amy - for sharing something so personal, so special with me.

And again, I am humbled.
I am touched.

And I am reminded.

I am not alone. 
I never will be.

Not only do I have a Heavenly Father that truly loves me,
that has a plan for me,
that hears my each and every plea -

I have people, many people, on this earth, in Denver, out of state, out of country, that love me.
People that care.
People that have been there and have walked miles in my shoes.

And again, I am humbled.

It's pretty awesome...

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Baby Bump Please said...

Hi Molly,
I have been reading your blog for a while, but never commented. Trying to hold back these tears as I respond to your post. It helps to know that someone out there understand my hurt and disappointment. I am 34 years old been married since 2008. My husband and I went through our first cycle of IVF this past November and received bad news after waiting 10 days. Blessed that we were able to get 2 embryos to freeze. Have an appointment in a couple of weeks to go over the consent forms for the FET. My husband and I have chosen not to share our experience with anyone to avoid the tears, look of pity from our loved ones so we provide support for one another. Even if we did share, no one can truly understand what we're going through because we don't have anyone in our family dealing with infertility. It is understandable for people to ask us, when are we going to have baby. If only they knew its just not that easy for us.

Thanks for creating this blog. To a degree when I read it, I feel like your my voice because our experiences are similar minus the pregnancies. Both of my tubes were blocked. One was removed this past May.

A friend of mine delivered her son early this morning. Another friend advised me that she is 13 weeks pregnant. Another one gave birth to a healthy baby boy a week and a half ago. I am truly happy for all of them and I just pray that I too can one day say that I'm a mom...