Monday, December 5, 2011

My Daily Dose - Molly

I hate taking pills. I am the type of person that even if my head is throbbing, my cramps are doubling me over or my throat feels like sandpaper - I NEVER TAKE MEDS.

One of the hardest things since starting fertility has been taking daily pills. I'm fine with the pre-natal and the Omega, those are a given and I would take them regardless. But I'm starting to feel like an addict when I travel. I have lots of pills to count. 

your love, your love, is not my drug

From left to right: baby aspirin (thin my blood), Synthyroid (to regulate my thyroid - they are still not sure if this is even an issue), Folgard (prescription strength Folic Acid - 2x a day), B-12 (rumor has it that if you pop lots of B-12, you will get pregnant. So why not!), Pre-natal with DHA, Omega 3, and last of the meds are my Chinese Herbs. I take 9 pills a day (3x3 a day). The first 2 weeks are pills to increase my YIN (help with cervical mucus) and the last two week I take the YANG (not sure what that does, have to get back to you on that).

Grand total for  

ONE DAY: 16 pills
ONE WEEK: 112 pills
ONE MONTH (30 days): 480

And I haven't even started my IVF meds yet.


Nancy said...

yikes. that is a lot of pills. but hang in there! if my 2 year old with cystic fibrosis can take the same amount in a day, you can too!! :) I think of her whenever I have to swallow pills. Have you ever heard of NaProTechnology? My sister is having fertility problems and is going to a NaPro specialist. I looked into it and the success rate seemed pretty high compared to IVF.

Jimmy and Alison said...

I know what you mean ! Im on IVF 2.0 After 1 failed and 2 FET miscarriages . Still healing and waiting for AF so we can start again