Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012 - Molly

This year is coming to an end...


2012 was the year where "the best was yet to come!" and well, I am still waiting.

I guess if you think about it,

"the best is yet to come" is very open ended.

Maybe 2013 will have it, maybe it won't.

Regardless, I have learned a lot about myself in the last year.

Do I wish the year would've turned out differently?


I am not at the point yet where I fully understand the events of 2012.

But yet, amongst all of the hurt, the sadness and the pain,
there was immense joy, happiness and gratitude.

I know where I have been.
I know who I am and what I am exactly capable of.
I know what I can endure and what I will endure, regardless of the outcome.
There are no guarantees for this next year.
But it's worth it.
Because I know that no matter what happens,
how it all turns out,
where I will be in a month,
two or six...

I will be okay. 
I will be happy.
I will endure.

Because that is what you do.
Life doesn't always work out the way you want.
You aren't always given the exact blessings that you want,
but you are always given what you need.

I have experienced so much love this year.
Love from places and people that I didn't know existed.

And that has made 2012 a year I cannot forget.
(I didn't say it was awesome, but I know it could've been worse.)

So to kick off this New Year...
I am kicking off another whole30.
Might as well get as fit as I can before I either get fat and pregnant or...
well, there won't be an or...

February will bring our transfer. 
And our outcome.

After that, we will just have to see.

We've made our goals,
dreamed (and planned) our vacations,
listed our home improvements
and promised to continue to build our faith through temple attendance, service and prayer.

 So, I guess...
Happy New Year!    

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