Thursday, December 27, 2012

What's Your Story? - Molly

I received an email/comment the other day that I wanted to share.
 It was more for me and not for the blog. 
(I have eliminated any/all personal information to preserve anonymity.)

I have family members and friends (that I know of) that struggle with infertility and not being able to have children. None of them talk about it, at least not to me. I know I don't know what they are going through and so much of the time I am at a loss...not knowing what to say or how to help or if my being there at all is more painful than it is worth...
I appreciate so much your open honesty helping me better understand them.
I hope for you, just as I hope for them. Whenever it happens for you (I know, like you, that in this world or the next you will raise your babies) I'm excited for you and for the children who will have a mother that never takes them for granted.
Thank you for being a voice. 
Infertility, trying to conceive, struggle...
call it what you want.
It hurts.
It's hard.
And no one really understands what you are going through.

There are so many different stories out there.
So many voices.
Some are quiet, some are loud.
Some ask for help and others remain in the background forcing a smile.

For the past year, you have heard my voice.
You know my story. 
My struggles.
My lack of faith.
My extreme hopefulness.
My anger, frustration and jealousy.
My happiness, joy and cheer.
You have smiled with me, prayed for me and cried next to me.

But I am one person. 
And one story.

With the New Year approaching, my goal is to give everyone a chance to tell their story.

Anonymous or not, I want to hear from you.
I want others to hear from you.
I want everyone to see every side of this deeply, private battle.

Your story, your voice - could be what someone else needs to hear.

If you are interested in telling your side, your story - please email me at
(I will keep it as confidential/anonymous as you wish)

I would love to post your stories.
I would love to hear your voice.

Need some ideas? Guidelines? Thoughts/questions to consider?

How has this struggle affected your marriage? Family relationships? Friendships?
How has this altered your faith? Hope?
How has this changed your view on your future? Physical appearance? Emotional status?
How do you see yourself now? How do you get through each day?
What would you want people to learn from your experience?
What do you most wish for yourself now?

Share your story.
Email me.

Let me (us) hear your voice.

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