Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 6 - Molly

Today I am grateful and thankful for the chance to vote.

I am glad that I can have a sign in my yard and not have anyone tear it out.

I am happy that, even in a purple state, my red colors can shine through.

I am grateful and thankful that I voted for a candidate that believes that there is someone out there greater than himself. A candidate that knows there is more to life than this mortal life. A candidate that truly knows how to serve the people, all people.

Today, I am grateful and thankful that I can have my own opinion. And I am happy that I can be respectful of other people's opinions.

I know that whatever the outcome, Heavenly Father will bless us as a nation, as brothers and sisters and will keep us safe under the leadership that He intends for us.

One nation under God.

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Anonymous said...

Great post Molly. I love the pics too! :) - Kelle T.