Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 4 - Molly

Keeping it simple today, simple and sweet. 

Today I am grateful and thankful for sweet puppy kisses.

For puppy breath and puppy swagger.

And for sharp little teeth and wrinkly skin.

First let me preface by saying how my day started out.

I woke up like this...or should I say, to this...

Penny likes to snuggle
Penny snuggled in tight, not at all ready to wake up.

My day only got better after that.

My dear friends Erica and Spencer added a new member to their family on Friday.
Sweet Cora came home.

I got to spend my afternoon inhaling all of her sweetness.
Her puppiness.
Her absolute perfectness.

look at those ears! those wrinkles!

she smells so good!

what a face!
I got my fix.

But puppies are like crack...I am going to need another "hit" soon.
Good thing I have lots of friends getting puppies.

So today, I am grateful and thankful for the simple and sweet love (kisses, snuggles and breath) from a puppy.
 It makes any day better, without a doubt.

My puppy is almost 3 years old.
And I love her kisses (get them every morning), her snuggles (get them every night) and yes, I still love the smell of her breath.
She is my girl.

my penny love

  ***(thank you Erica and Spencer for letting me love on Cora!)

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emily -- a denver home companion said...

that puppy is so so cute.

also, you look fantastic.