Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 3 - Molly

Today I am grateful and thankful for the beautiful Fall weather we have been having here in Colorado. 

When we first moved to Colorado, I expected a harsher climate. 
I expected bitter cold and deep snow.
Yes, it's dry and the air is a bit thin. 
And yes, we always get a snow before Halloween (lucky for us we were out of town for it this year).


it's so incredibly beautiful here. 

It's November and this is the weather forecast.

Weather for Denver, CO

41°F | °C
Mostly SunnyMostly SunnyMostly SunnyClear
Partly Cloudy

Wind: SW at 5 mph

Humidity: 70%64°36°64°36°66°39°64°43°

It's cool enough for a jacket, but today I wore flip flops.
I worked in the yard in a tank top.
I still need sunglasses most of the day.
And I actually have maintained a bit of color (nothing compared to my former CA self though).

The Fall colors are amazing - still.
The sky is always blue here.
The sun is always present, even behind the clouds.
You can really feel the change of season.

Good weather means lots of time outside.
And Penny and I love our outdoor time. 

She is the perfect companion.
And this weather really compliments her.
If it's too hot, she seeks shade.
If it's too cold, she rather curl up under a blanket (I love these days too!).

So today, because I was able to winterize my yard in a tank top, take Penny on a hike in flip flops, wear sunglasses and pick up a bit of a tan...

I am grateful and thankful for the gorgeous weather we have here in Colorado.

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