Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 24 - Molly

I came across this quote on Pinterest (love Pinterest) and it made me think - a lot.

It also made me extremely grateful and thankful for my experiences.
All of them
Every single one.

Because they are MY experiences.

Have they been brutal?

Have they taught me something?

Have I learned?
Definitely, yes.

From my experiences I have learned to be more humble, compassionate and forgiving.
I have learned to be more grateful, thankful and optimistic.
They have taught me hope, love and happiness.
They have allowed me to see beautiful sunsets, step in warm oceans, climb tall mountains, visit ancient ruins and soak in the cultures of the world.

Because of them and despite of them, I have been able to see the silver linings, even when they seem small and irrelevant.
They are there though.
Drying up my tears, helping me smile and pushing me towards another day.

Even though the bad experiences seem to outweigh the good ones, the good ones definitely outnumber the bad.

And I consider myself lucky and blessed.

Because they are mine.

And they make me, Me.

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