Sunday, November 25, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 25 - Molly

Today I am extra grateful and thankful that this little girl knows how to listen and obey.

We had a little bit of a scare this morning at the park.

I got up a little extra early to get her out before church for about 45 min. Lucky for us the park is only about 5 minutes away.

It was a typical trip to the park. Nothing special. We were the only ones there.


Except for the two coyotes that were circling the grounds - that I failed to see.

I got out of the car, opened up the back to let Penny out (just like I always do), but this time she took off running.

I thought she was going after squirrels (they are her new obsession).

When I turned and looked, I saw that she was on the move towards TWO coyotes. TWO! And they were much bigger than her.

I yelled her name. I quickly followed it with a "MA'AM!"

And she stopped.

My good girl stopped. Hackles were up, she was growling.

She was trying to protect me, I could feel it.

Then the coyotes scampered off. (Only to continue to watch us from on top of the ridge -freaky!)

It was quite a morning. And I never want to have another one like it. It could have had a much different outcome.

So today I am grateful and thankful for Penny's obedience.

And we won't be making any more "early" park trips. At least not alone.

Next time I'm packing my pepper spray.

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