Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grateful and Thankful Day 17 & 18 - Molly

I got lucky that Day 17 and 18 fell on the weekend because I am grateful and thankful for my weekends.

One of the best parts about working "very part-time" is that I have the ability to do the weekend chores during the work week.

Whether it's cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping or running tiresome errands, I can get them all done before Saturday. 

Therefore, when Saturday comes - we can truly spend it how we want. 

We can workout, go out, sleep, shop, play with Penny, get together with friends 
or even DO NOTHING.
It is completely up to us.
Sundays have always been a favorite day.
Church is a great way to wrap up one week and start another one.
Sundays are also times to gather with family, friends and share good food.
It is a day for a glorious afternoon nap or walk outside.
Again, it is a day we can just relax.
I have been very blessed to have the schedule I do because Jason works so hard at his job.
I try my best to take care of things at home so that our weekends are truly that...
So today (and yesterday) I am grateful and thankful for the weekends.

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