Monday, September 17, 2012

Update & Transitions...... Haylee

Hi everyone!

We are still over the moon with our news of a boy.  I can say with certainty this milestone has allowed me to find space to finally be excited.  It really is such a fun feeling. 

The Ninja gets stronger and stronger each day, he is kicking, dancing & sword fighting all over the place.  There are times it hurts so bad it is startling.  So now I can say with confidence he is not only kicking my a$$ figuratively but literally as well.  ;)

I go back to see Dr. D'A. on the 27th for measurements.  I am bummed I won't see the Ninja again at this visit, but as long as everything continues to measure right on I am very happy.

Now, on to the transitions part of my post.  I believe at this point it is time for me to sadly leave the STILL blog.  I will be making the transition to my own blog La Vida Loca.  Please follow me here for continued updates and more candid talks on the progression of not only this journey, but my life.  Currently there isn't much to look at, but I am working on that.  Stay tuned, I will be posting on a more regular basis (hold me to that readers)!! 

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who read our blog, have supported us & continue to support us.  Being able to share this journey with each and everyone of you has truly been a gift.   Cheers to a new beginning, not an end.  Cheers to 2 friends who continue to stay strong together thanks to this not so easy thing we call "getting pregnant".

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