Saturday, September 15, 2012

Better Than That - Molly

On Friday night I co-hosted a couples baby shower for some dear friends.

Now before you ask me why I would do something like that to myself, you have to know the couple I threw it for.

They are wonderful.

In the past year, we (Jason and I) have become good friends with them and really enjoy the time we all spend together.

So we made an agreement.
I would throw her a baby shower and she would throw mine.

It was a perfect plan.


I still agreed to throw the shower.
Not because I felt like I had to, but because I truly wanted to.

Over the past few years I have missed some of my most favorite people's baby shower and I have never really forgiven myself for being such a coward. Of course they are good friends who understood the situation, but still, I thought I was better than that.

I wanted to be better than that.
I had to be better than that.

Well, it turned out great. 
It truly was a perfect evening.

And even though the days leading up to it were stressful (and sometimes tearful), seeing their (her and the husband) faces when they walked in, made it totally worth it.

I am so glad I was brave enough to give them the party they truly deserve.

Because they do. 

They were the couple that helped give me a priesthood blessing before our last IUI and before IVF.
They are the couple who made us an amazing dinner after our egg retrieval.
And again, after our transfer.
 They were also the couple Jason called at midnight to come and meet me in the hospital when we lost Grace, even though she was 20 weeks along and had to work the next day.

They are good friends.
And I wanted them to have the best party.

It didn't hit me until late in the evening that I wouldn't be having a baby shower. And there were a few tears. My heart was a bit heavy.

But at the end of the night, my friend pulled me over and said, 
"Thank you. I wish it was me throwing your shower."

And that meant the most.
Because even though it was her day, her time.
She still remembered me.

And I know when that day comes....whenever it will be, 
she will throw me a great shower.

Because they are good friends.

And they are better than that.


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

So wonderful! I'm so glad it went well.

Katie said...

It was a perfect night. Perfect.

And then on Sunday when Bednar talked about having a character of Christ that looks outward toward others when it we're in pain and all we want to do is turn inward I totally thought of you and cried. You are my personal example of how to develop that charater.

adrian and caisa said...

i want to see pics :-)