Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On the 12th Day of Paleo - Molly

this is my real game plan!

Day 12. 
Almost halfway there.

How am I feeling?

Good. Really good.

I notice that my body tells me when I am hungry and when I am satisfied. 
The cravings are curbing (but I could really go for something with caramel).

Both Jason and I have realized how much we use to "just eat". 
We ate not because of hunger, but because our mind was telling our bodies "more, more".
There was a lot of mindless eating going on. 

I can really see a difference in Jason's appearance. His face, chest and stomach are noticeably smaller. He says I "feel smaller" across my back, my arms and my belly.

I see and feel a difference in my clothes more than anything - and I like that.

So has this been worth it?


I feel more aware of what I am actually using as fuel for my body.
You won't believe what sugar is in!? 
(lunch meat, condiments, packaged foods - EVERYTHING - it's almost a bit scary)

I have a lot more energy and strength in my workouts. 
(Thank goodness, I have to teach 3 spin classes tomorrow!)

Is it still hard?

But so worth it. 

**Many have asked "why no grains/legumes?" - to answer you question - read this page.

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