Monday, September 3, 2012

Full of Energy - Molly

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I hope you had a great 3 day weekend. We relaxed this weekend, prepped and shopped for food and did a little retail therapy while we were at it as well.

I am not allowing myself to buy anything pant wise because I want to see where I will end up after this whole30 journey. In just the few weeks of working out and eating right during the week, I can already feel that my clothes are different. I cannot wait to see what Oct 1st has in store for the both of us!

For those on the journey with me - how are you doing? Have you noticed anything in the few days since we started?

I noticed that I woke up this Monday morning and was full of energy. I taught a spin and yoga class and just felt alive! I also took an evening yoga class and felt strong throughout the whole class, even though I was starving for dinner! I am not 100% that my energy is from the eating, but it has been many moons since I have been so alive on a Monday, so I am attributing it to my new lifestyle diet.

I am hoping this is all a good sign. Many people say that the first week to 10 days is the hardest. 

So don't give up! 

Jason and I had a really good day of eating. Having those egg cups in the fridge really help, especially as I was rushing to make my 930 spin/yoga class.

Breakfast: 1 egg cup (sun-dried tomato and ham) and 1 slice of bacon and some grapes

Lunch: roast beef wraps with cucumber and peppers and a cup of fresh berries

Dinner: Chili marinated chicken drumsticks with grilled romaine (bacon and onions) and aged balsamic, top it off with a heirloom tomato courtesy of our neighbors

my roast beef wraps with guac!

look how pretty

jason hates pepper so extra cukes

bacon and onions - yum!

mini romaine cut in half and throw on grill!

our dinner!

day 3 and still a happy man
 Not a bad day at all. I am getting ready to have some berries with cinnamon before I hit the shower.

Another momentous thing occurred today, my period started. It has sort of been wacky since we lost Grace, but finally I think we are on track. Best part - no cramps! I think the extra working out (crossfit) has tamed my cramps. Here's to a short and sweet cycle! 

Does this mean we are trying again? 

Peeps, we are always trying! 

But for now, we are just having fun - like newlyweds. I am not tracking anything nor am I taking any sort of medications - not even my thyroid meds. I am just done with it all for now. A break is warranted and I am taking it.

So no counting my days people........there are a few that like to do that and you know who you are.


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