Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fast Sunday - Molly

Today is the first Sunday of the month or better known as Fast Sunday in my faith. Yes, you heard me right - fast as in fasting, no food, no drink, nothing for at least 2 meals.

So on top of no dairy, grains, sugar, legumes etc....yes, I did not eat or drink for two meals today.

Why may you ask we do this every first Sunday (and many other times in the month)?

We fast to help gain spiritual insight and grow closer to our Heavenly Father. We fast in times of need, want and weakness. We fast so that we may understand and remember the sacrifice our Father in Heaven and our Savior made for us. You can fast for anything, just like you can pray for anything. The purpose behind the fast, the heart of it, is what matters.

For more information on fasting and my faith, click here.

Jason and I have been fasting for many reasons. But the big reason is for faith, enlightenment and understanding of what we should do next. We need guidance to know that the decision we make is the right decision. Whether we try or not to have another child IVF is not an easy decision to make, there are so many factors involved. So now the work begins - fasting, prayer and temple attendance. We hope that these things will clear our mind of our own desires and help lead us to what the Lord has in store for us. By doing these things, we will be blessed. We will know the decision we make, whether it works out or not, is the best decision for us.

After church, I got together with my good friend Erica to swap some recipes and food. Thanks to her, I now have a completely stocked fridge, meals for the week and plenty of things ready and on hand for Jason - at any time.

I prepped and cooked marinated chicken wings, flank steak with sauteed peppers, bacon and onions (the roulade did not roulade well so we are just grilling it), asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and grilled romaine with shallots and ham.

She in return made cilantro-lime crock pot chicken (in her very own salsa!), cauliflower rice, and all the fixings for taco salad. YUM!

Jason and I ate the cilantro-lime chicken with the cauliflower rice tonight. It was my first time eating cauliflower EVER and we loved it!

cauliflower rice with cilantro

final meal with a nice dollop of guac! we didn't even miss the chips!
If you are whole30-ing with me this month, REMEMBER to not step on the scale until the month is over. This is not a weight loss competition. Weight loss will happen, but we want to stay focused on the overall picture - your health!

Have a happy holiday tomorrow!

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adrian and caisa said...

How have you never had cauliflower before??