Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blood & ChiChi's........ Haylee

We got all the blood test results back Dr. D'A had me take (finally) & everything is right on track!  Thank goodness.  Each day gives me more space to relax & start to enjoy. 

For now though, I still feel like total crap all day (see, the Ninja is a meanie- haha).  I am also not sleeping well at all.  You know me.  I don't sugar coat.  There is no sweet spot for me yet.  However, I am actually getting used to it.  The only thing that has honestly taken me by surprise as of late is the 3 day migraine I had a few days ago.  I would love any advice on what to do when that happens since you can't take anything!

You can also just start calling me Chi Chi Gonzales.  My hooters are out of control & hurt so bad.  I feel like I am "showing" but really I am not, it's just a weird fat thing.  My face also looks like the model for Oxy Clean for teenagers, pizza face style.

I don't go back to see the doc or get an ultrasound for another week and a half.  So far it is really weird not seeing the Ninja Warrior  once a week, but at the same time I like it.  The weekly appointments did make me worry more about what we were or were not going to see.  I am OK with this space.  I am OK with just being & believing our Ninja is strong.  I mean he/she still seems to be kicking my arse, so I am a huge believer. 

Even with all the above ramblings I am incredibly grateful each day.  I am reminded this Warrior is beating all the odds that were put on me after IVF.  

I have to share a picture of the cutest most thoughtful gift from my best friend.  I both cried and laughed my booty off.  She had it custom made for our little Warrior. 

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