Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekly Check..... Haylee

We got to see our Ninja Warrior again today.  I am incredibly grateful to be under the care of CCRM still, it allows me to relax just a tiny bit each week being able to see the Warrior grow & hearing the positive feedback from the ultrasound technicians & our nurse. 

Today, the Ninja was dancing his or her pants off (I still say he or she was throwing swords and sharp stars), you can pick which you like better. It was very cute to see the now arms and legs moving all around!  We could also see the start of the eyes and nose and of course the beating heart.  Gotta love powerful ultrasound technology!

I am still feeling crappy.  Nausea, cramping, headaches etc...  On a positive note though, the spotting has stopped.  Hollar! 

We will find out tomorrow where my progesterone levels are.  I hope there is a spike (this would mean my body is kicking in and taking over- making its own progesterone) so they can start weening me off the medicine.  I have no problem with the above issues, but the progesterone is really taking its toll on me.
You can see Warriors eyes and nose quite well in this shot.  Followed by the arms, body & legs (they were dancing- or practicing fierce ninja kicks- so they look tucked back)!

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