Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Vampire Bat - Molly

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We (along with other families) had our first garage sale on Saturday. What an amazing feeling it was to PURGE so much stuff. We made a decent profit, so it was worth our time and energy. 

Quick update on the bathroom renovations (pictures to come this week). Technically, it is done. The toilet is the only thing we still can't use and we are waiting for the custom cut mirror to be installed, but we can do laundry - YAY! This has all really killed my nesting vibe.

Short little story about our bat. Still bleeding. On Friday I had a few more gushes (bright red blood) while I was out running errands. Again, no cramping, but there were gushes and that low belly feeling you get before your period. Ugh. So I called the nurses. Again, they told me to just monitor the bleeding and if I wanted to come in for a quick check I was always welcome. 

So I waited. I took a Tylenol, ate lunch, hydrated and I waited. It got better, but still my mind (and heart) was heavy. Jason actually pushed me into going in for a peek at the bat. He said with the weekend approaching, we would all feel better if I just had a peek. So I went in towards the end of day.

The doctors and nurses were very gracious to see me. They even put me in the fancy ultrasound room to look around some more to see if they could locate where the bleeding was coming from. The bat was sleeping with it's hand up by it's face. It was actually upside down (like a bat should be) and the heart rate was nice and strong (177). I always love seeing the bat.

The doctor came in and reassured me that all looked well and that the bleeding was coming from somewhere else (nothing to do with the bat) and that this might be the case for the next 6 months. They just don't know. It's a game of wait and see. Bring on all the old blood you want, its the bright, red blood that just makes me so uneasy.

It was end of day so a few of the nurses were in the room. All of them were trying to give me encouragement, but I felt the underlying message was, "You need to relax and stop coming in every other day."

They are right. Even if the worst came true, there is nothing that can be done. And I shouldn't always jump to the worst conclusion (even though that is all I have experienced). So my goal is to NOT go into the doctor this week. I am going to wait until the 27th. I am going to start accepting that this is my experience and I just need to go along with it. It could change and it couldn't. As long as the end result is a healthy, happy baby then I just need to accept my situation and TRY to enjoy it. 

It sucks to wear a pad everyday. But it could be worse. At least my little bat is pairing it now with some indigestion and slight nausea. 

Maybe I have a little vampire bat growing inside me. :)

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Devon T. said...

I'm so glad that Little Bat is doing well, but I'm sorry you're having so much bleeding. Although it's coming from somewhere else, it must be so unsettling.

I understand you not wanting to put-out the perinatologist staff with frequent visits, but never apologize for doing what you need to do to settle your mind/heart.

Happy (preemptive) Father's Day to Jason :)