Thursday, June 7, 2012

Warrior Update..... Haylee

Today was our 2nd ultrasound, blood work and meeting with Dr. M's nurse practitioner, Kathy. 

Everything went really well.  The warrior is measuring right under 8 weeks & heart rate is 164.  We got to hear the heart beat which was crazy cool! 

At one point our ultrasound technician said "you have a perfect little gummy bear".  I giggled and let her know, though perfect, he or she is no gummy bear.  He or she is a Ninja Warrior with swords and sharp throwing stars having a Kung Foo Fighting party in my belly.  Right now this little warrior is not being very kind to me. 

The nausea is still quite persistent.  My awesome husband made a trip to Babies R Us yesterday to add to my arsenal of all things that help with nausea (Preggie Pops, Sea Bands, Preggie Chews, more tea).  Right now the only thing that seems to be working for a short period is any hot tea with Ginger.  The cramping I am experiencing keeps me from sleeping at night.  Whoh, and not to mention the number of times I get up in the middle of the night to pee.  Oh lawdy! 

Now, do not, I repeat do not get me wrong.  I am very happy & grateful for this amazing surprise, but I have to have a sense of humor about what my body is experiencing right now.  This keeps me from worrying too much as it is still very early, I am still considered "high risk" & quite frankly nothing about this is probably going to be "normal".  I am a realist.  Hopefully I am pleasantly surprised by all of this shifting into a "normal" pregnancy soon.  Stranger things have happened, right?

Kathy was great.  She gave us some really useful information.  Basic things like what each week looks like going forward, what ultrasounds are conducted when & what for.  Classes available for us and family to take as we get further along to prepare for warrior & some more restrictions on food & travel.  She also wrote a prescription for Zofran for my nausea.  I am going to hold off on taking that for now.  However, it is nice to know I have it available and it will work within 30 minutes if things get really bad. 

For now I stay on progesterone 3 times a day (puke- I am over it).  Hopefully my blood work comes back strong tomorrow and I can start weaning off.  It was also determined today that the spotting I am having is caused by the irritation of the progesterone, so this was a great reassurance even though they had already told us that. 

Another ultrasound and blood check in a week & a half & if everything is still looking good we can start to transition back to Dr. D'Ambrosia. 

For now I leave you with a picture of our little Ninja Warrior! 

The circle is the gestational sac followed by the tail (soon to be legs), arm buds & head.  The open space at the top of the head is the brain developing.  Sadly, Warrior had his swords and throwing stars hidden at the time this picture was taken.  ha ha ha


Traci said...

Rub your belly for me and tell little ninja warrior how much I looooooooove him or her :)

Colleen said...

Hi Haylee,
I'm a childhood friend of Molly's. I just wanted to say that I was on zofran my ENTIRE pregnancy with both my kids. I was hesitant to take it as well but really didn't have much of a choice since I was so sick. Both my kids are perfectly healthy. Good luck to you - there is nothing worse than being sick but also nothing so reassuring. Means your warrior is very strong. :)