Friday, June 8, 2012

12 Weeks - Molly

12 week old Bat - very active and had the hiccups

Today was our 12 week ultrasound. I have had 2 "reassurance" ultrasounds this week, but today we got the fancy machine and saw the Bat in action.

Our little bat was moving like crazy! Heart rate was coming in around 166 and it had the hiccups.

Little Bat also wouldn't hold still enough to measure the back of the neck (first trimester screening). It was flailing it's arms and legs everywhere. After about 45 minutes, the nurse gave up and told me we would have to do it again - next week! 


We did try to find out the sex, but nothing definitive came out of it. We shall see if we can get a better (more still) picture next week. (So no, that is not a penis in the picture - it is part of the cord).

My bleeding has stopped. Just some old blood here and there. I still have a small bleed around the sac, but they are not sure that is the cause. They think the old blood could be from the second sac that was there early on. 

We are feeling very blessed today. We know that many prayers have been said on our behalf this week when I started bleeding. The feelings of love and support and genuine concern have been such a support to us. 

We continue each and every day to be so thankful that we are "still pregnant."


Adrian Brown said...

Exciting times. Glad you got to see the little one in action and glad everything looks good. We're praying for you guys.

Devon T. said...

Great to hear (and see) that little baby bat is doing well. Be careful getting a confirmation on the sex too early. I've had a few friends who were told one thing early on and ended up with the opposite later on.

Happy belly thoughts going out to the Little Bat and Ninja Warrior!