Monday, June 18, 2012

TTMI - Molly

Ok, I know I just posted last night, but some new developments took place over the last 12 hours. And I am going to warn you now, this is TTMI - totally too much information, but when I have kept details to myself.

So here you go.

As I had said, I am still bleeding. And over this past weekend, I am bleeding more than the days prior. I was on my feet a lot this weekend, but I am beginning to believe that I would have bled the same if I had laid down all weekend.

Around 2am last night I awoke to a "feeling". Something was coming out of me. Something was pushing itself out and it felt about the size of a nice apricot.

I ran upstairs (because bathroom is still not done) and examined "my pad".

I had pushed out an apricot sized clot.

But I didn't freak out. In fact, it made me feel better because it shed a little light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe this is what my body needs to do to get better, to heal and to stop this bloody madness.

Jason and I put the clot (and the pad) into a Ziploc bag (nice brand placement) and into the fridge. I called the doc this am and told them what happened and asked if they wanted me to bring in the clot. They said I could toss it and just told me to continue to monitor. They said that this very well could be it and they also said this could just continue on. Finally, for the first time, I just accepted it and am actually positive about where this all could go.

It is now 11am and the bleeding has slowed. It's almost non-existent when I wipe - YAY! I am hoping this pattern continues but not expecting it too.

(I was going to include a pic but then thought it was maybe too much - and I know my sister-in-law would agree with that. So for you Ashley, I am keeping that image to myself.)


Jodi and TJ said...

Molly, what do they think the clot was?

Jodi and TJ said...

Molly, I am glad you are feeling better about everything. Did they say what they thought the clot was?

Devon T. said...

Wow, yeah. This blog has offered us some pretty intimate information about your plumbing :)

What did the doctor's ever say about your clotting disorder bloodwork? Did you come back positive for anything like Lupus, MTHFR, or FVL? I'm guessing you didn't since you haven't mentioned it and they don't have you on Lovenox. Just curious though since that was a good sized clot you passed.

More and more and more good thoughts going your way. Hang in there Little Bat!

Jimmy and Alison said...

Same thing happened to me. But ewwww I did blog it with a photo. Mine was not as large,but it did stop the bleeding once all that was out. Praying all goes well. I understand the stress and fear all to well.