Friday, June 22, 2012

Not so good & Good..... Haylee

Hi everyone. 

Not so good:
This is quite possibly the hardest post I have written to date.  I had not only my partner in crime (Molly) suffer a huge loss this week, so did another one of my friends.  I have been reminded with the loss my two friends are experiencing how precious life is (not that I had forgotten, but hopefully you get my drift.  Something like this hits you like a sledge hammer).  Anything can happen at any time.  It is heartbreaking.

With that being said, I will keep this post very short and to the point.  I am incredibly grateful we had another excellent ultrasound check today.  Ninja is very, very active.  Blood work results tomorrow on progesterone.  Last week they cut me back to 2 suppositories per day instead of 3.  This was a nice relief.  Hopefully, tomorrow they will tell me to cut back to only 1.

The Ninja was kicking and dancing so much today this is the clearest picture the technician could get of him or her.

Right under 10 weeks.  Heart rate 161.  2.99cm long.  Grow Ninja Warrior grow!


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