Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Update! Second Ultrasound - Molly

Sorry to be so MIA this past week. We traveled to Utah with some friends and celebrated my 34th birthday. The big 34 was not so scary though. Lots of good things happening this year. So I embraced it well, celebrated with some good friends and enjoyed some time out of town.

I had a second ultrasound today to check in on the small bleed and to see if Bat #2 was coming along at all.

Ultrasound confirmed (to the doctors at least) that Bat #2 will be absorbed by my body. Bat #1 is nice and strong with a heartbeat of 164!

We are ecstatic! We would have loved twins, but in the end, having one is such a blessing. This will be one loved little kid!

I am measuring on time - tomorrow I hit 8 weeks! Seems like we have come so far, yet we still have so far to go!

I am still banned from working out. Walking at a easy pace is my M.O for a while, but that's fine with me. Anything to get through this trimester into the second with the most success. I will get into shape later.

The doctors are starting to slowly wean me off the progesterone and estrogen! YAY! I am now down to 1cc a day of PIO (shot), moving from 3 suppositories to 2 of progesterone and backing off of 4 patches every other day to 3 patches.  I have to give more blood on Friday to check out my levels to see if the weaning isn't affecting things too much. Each week they will back off a bit more, check my blood and hopefully my body kicks in to fill in the gaps.

I am battling some nausea, but mostly at night, along with a little indigestion and heartburn. BRING IT ON! I am not really fatigued at all, but I do get 10+ a night, so again, no complaints.

There is still a small bleed around Bat #1, where the sac is separated from the uterine wall. It is very slight so the doctors are not necessarily concerned. They say is can be very common.

I have my first visit to my perinatologist tomorrow, so more paperwork to be filled out. YAY!

Again, no complaints here. 34, 2012 - these are my years.

sharing the bday love with my friend Adrian

my bday sign - by Beck


Liz said...

Thank you for posting this! I've been thinking about you all day. So happy for one strong little bat!! Love, hugs, and prayers to you!!

Jimmy and Alison said...

Praying the best for you. We lost the 2nd one at 9 weeks to. It was scary but if I can be blessed with one healthy baby I'm tickled !!!! My nausea and heartburn was always at night or after 11 am almost daily. It's hard to sleep like that. We are 13+1 now and feeling better. Not 100% but better.