Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hi & Happy Hump Day! ---Haylee

Hi everyone (did the subject line get your attention)!? 

First and foremost I want to apologize for being completely silent lately.  I just figured since Molly has all the excitement going on I would let her take center stage. 

It was only after I got some feedback from one of my friends a couple weeks ago that I realized what I was doing was not necessarily the best thing as a "co owner" of a blog.  She reminded me that readers (including herself) still want to hear from me even if it is just about my weekend.  She made other great points, so here you go- I AM BACK!  I will do my best to update say once a week or so.  I do have to say I have missed you all and love the support you have given Molly through these last few weeks. 

Here is a really cool story from last weekend I wanted to share.... 

I had a baby shower to attend last Saturday.  Though I LOVE my friend it was for, baby showers just aren't that comfortable for me.  Actually, they give me hot flashes and make me cry.  This one by far was one of the most classy baby shower set ups I have seen to date, it was beautiful!  Not to mention my friend was beautiful as well.  You would never know she was pregnant from the back - she is all cute belly & glowing face. 

As I dealt with my hot flashes and drank mimosa's lots of different conversations started amongst the group.  Before I had to leave one specific conversation had started between myself, a old coworker and one of my friends friends.  We were talking about how everyone is pregnant and there must be something in the water.  ha ha  Then, I was asked "do you want to have kids" (I think at this point I was saying something flip about kids being a pain in the ass trying to "protect" myself - aka, not cry & ease the hot flashes). 

The answer to that question rolled off my lips quickly "we just went through our first round of IVF".  And much to my surprise I saw her face immediately softened, her eyes got a little watery and she smiled & said "me too".  I got chills, I almost cried, my hot flashes went away- it was so cool!!  Right at that moment I knew why I was there (besides just being there for my friend).  It was to meet her friend that has an amazing story on her journey of having a baby as well. 

We talked about our stories, the blog & quite a few other things.  It was great.  She is set for her transfer on May 18th.  If you have time to send out some good juju & sticky vibes for this lovely lady that would be really nice.

Happy Hump Day friends, it is nice to be back!


Sarah Gabriele said...

It was such a blessing to meet you on Saturday. I felt exactly the same - so happy for our friend having the baby but yet so sad that we have to struggle so hard to have ours. Thank you to you and Molly for being brave enough to share your stories on this blog! Tomorrow is my ultrasound to make sure my lining looks good and if so, we'll go ahead with the transfer on May 18th. Thanks again for being there for me, and for the good juju & sticky vibes!!
With love,

Kim Brady said...

your friend is right, we deff do want to hear from you too!!:) I LOVE your story.. I was always an open book about how long I had been trying and my day I was in the pool with my friends and they were all talking about babies and this girl asked if I had kids, and I said no. and My friend jumped and it was like 'she's been trying a while', and my face turned kind of red because I realized the way I said it sounded like I didn't want kids at all...then she began to tell me her own story of how she got her miracle baby! I felt so much better afterwards!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're back Haylee. Although we are all so happy for Molly and wish her all the best, I think we still need to know we aren't alone.. we haven't been left behind and forgotten about. We are still yet to conceive and need each others stories and support. I am preparing for my 3rd IVF round after a 6 month pause and am probably more anxious this time than the last two. I pray for you and your new friend. Be patient and kind to yourself. Our blessings will come

Susannah said...

Yeah! The B@%*h is back, woo hoo! Missed you mama.