Monday, April 2, 2012

Transfer Day - Molly

Well, my feet are up and my head is at a 45 degree angle. The doctor and my acupuncturist prescribed a lot of laughter the next few days, so Tosh.0 episodes have been recorded and will be watched. What can I say - he makes me laugh.

It was a successful transfer. According to Dr. Schoolcraft and the embryologist, our embryos thawed and maintained their perfection. It was neat to see them on the magnified screen.

The doctor just called with my blood work. Despite 4 estrogen patches (every other day), 2 pills of estrogen twice a day and 100mg inserts of progesterone 3 times a day - my levels are still too low. They are calling in a prescription of progesterone injections (in my butt) and probably estrogen too. Those levels need to rise and stay up in order for these embryos to survive.

So we are not out of the woods yet. My little environment is not quite ideal. Hopefully we get my levels up in the next 24 hours.

Thank you so much for all the texts, phone calls, FB messages, comments, prayers, thoughts, hugs, intentions, well wishes etc - it has really been overwhelming - in a good way - to know that so many people support us in this journey. My heart is extremely full.

It was wonderful having Jason there with me today. He was very curious in the acupuncture and in the transfer itself. The whole process was pretty amazing. We played our song (I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz) twice and many tears (happy tears) were shed. It has been such a long journey. We are so ready for this.

Now we wait and hope these little embryos implant. I will admit, knowing my levels are not where they should be makes me nervous. I am just trying to be grateful that the doctors are on top of it. I just hope these little ones can hold on until then.

one of my many acupuncture points

chilling and listening to my playlist

ultrasound to make sure my bladder was full - it was!

my uterus and bladder (bladder is the black part - very full)

using ultrasound to guide in catheter

Embryologist and Dr. Schoolcraft magnifying our embryos

embryologist prepping embryos for transfer

transferring of embryos - viola!

It seems like it has been a very long day already. I am a bit tired. The Valium was awesome at relaxing me and my uterus, but it wore off by the time we got home. So now we just wait to see what doctor says about injections. Jason is tending to me very well. Still some mixed emotions, but trying to stay positive and remember that I am in good hands.

I will keep you posted!


Liz said...

Nervous excitement over here for you!!

Praying those little ones stay strong and just hold on!

Lots of love to you all!!

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Hang in there! I did the progesterone in oil injections for both of my successful cycles. They are a drag but it worked both times for me. Be sure to warm the oil next to your skin before you inject.