Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Day After - Molly

Still in bed. Watching some really bad TV. I guess I picked some good days to be down - it's snowing out. Sunday was a warm 82+ degrees and today - snow. That's Denver for you.

How am I feeling? Physically, I am fine. I don't feel "pregnant" or anything. Spiritually, I feel so incredibly blessed. My faith and hope are high. I know that I have very little control over what happens from here. I have laid it all down in the hands of my Heavenly Father. He has a plan for us.

Mentally, my mind is way too active right now. According to my blood results my progesterone and my estrogen levels are NOT what they should be. I am trying to not read too much into it, but I know that in order for this pregnancy to be successful, they need to increase. I am trying not to worry. It would just be so heart breaking to have this journey end because my hormones wouldn't cooperate.

They have added an extra pill of Estrace (estrogen) to my daily intake and a shot of progesterone oil (in my fleshy hip/butt). I also have to make sure the progesterone suppositories get up as high as humanly possible. The doctors think that maybe the pills are absorbing where they should, so I have been working really hard at that.

now that's a needle

our sweet neighbor Amy taking the plunge!

I go back in Friday for more blood. Hopefully the tests will be more positive. Until then, I am trying to just take it easy, laugh as much and possible and shove those suppositories as high as they will go. Today Jason juiced me some carrots, beets and kale. According to the internet, dark leafy greens, beets and carrots all help boost estrogen. Berries, sugars, broccoli (and some other things I really like to eat) all decrease natural estrogen levels.

it tasted like I was eating mulch

So, I am really just trying to wish and hope for the best. If there is a chance to squeeze out a few more thoughts and prayers that my levels increase, I would really appreciate it. These little babies need all the help they can get right now!


Anonymous said...

praying for you constantly! :)

Alecia said...

Oh man! Hormones work already, PLEASE!!!! More prayers your way. :)

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck!

-Jennifer Randolph

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Yeah, those progesterone needles are something else, huh? (((hugs))

Continued thoughts and prayers for you and your bean(s)!