Monday, April 23, 2012

Small Scare - Molly

I had a small scare this weekend.

Sunday morning started out as it always does. I got up, showered, made some crock-pot goodness for the church potluck, drove to Haylee's to get my shot (Jason was out of town), changed my sheets, fed Penny - typical Sunday morning.

Nurse Joe giving me my PIO shot

As I was putting my dress on, I felt it. Gush. A small gush, but gush. I looked down to see a quarter sized spot of bright, red blood. 

I freaked.

I got a bit hysterical.

I knew this situation all too well.

Then there was a few more gushes (small ones).

I immediately called the doctor. The nurse was kind and began to reassure me that this was probably normal. She asked if I had been overactive this weekend; exercise, gardening etc. I sheepishly said yes.

Breakdown of my week:

Monday: Laundry and headed up to the mountains with Penny for a few days.
Tuesday: Walks with the dogs, slutty brownies and Chinese takeout.
Wednesday: Blood work, walks with dogs (in the mountains), took Penny to the lake, started on some baby blankets.
Thursday: Four hour playdate with Penny and friends at the Open Space and spent the day finishing my baby blankets.
Friday: Back to the Open Space for another 3 hour playdate, laundry, cleaned up guestroom (changing sheets etc).
Saturday: Up early, traveled to a Field Trial, was on my feet all day, took Penny to park, cleaned the house (cleaning the baseboard type of clean).
Sunday: see above

So I guess I was a bit overactive, but it doesn't seem overactive for me. But I was probably a bit dehydrated as well. Another no no. 

The nurse ordered me to get off my feet as soon as possible and to gauge the bleeding. If I continued to bleed, to call back, otherwise to report for blood work early Monday morning. Jason was out of town, so I called a friend to have her husband come over and give me a blessing. They rushed over and performed a blessing that immediately calmed me. Another friend came over to stay with me since I was not allowed to do anything but get up to pee. She brought movies and McFlurries. She also spent the night so that she could give me my shot in the morning. Penny and I were very lucky she came. 

Penny refused to leave my side. I had noticed that morning she was extra clingy. She was really wanting me to just sit down and love on her. I think she knew something was happening and was trying to get me off my feet. Vizslas are not the most protective of breeds, but she did a good job protecting me yesterday.

So I have been in bed since 11am yesterday, besides giving blood this am. The doctor just called and confirmed that my hormone and HCG levels were great. 

I am still pregnant. 

I have learned my lesson though. I need to lighten up. As much as I would like to do more, until we have our ultrasound (next Monday) and we get further along, I have to take it easy, break things up and stay hydrated. 

Jason took an early flight home and has stayed with me today. A good friend came and took Penny on an all day play date (she needs it). I am still in bed and will plan to get back on my feet (lightly) tomorrow. 


Sarah Foreman McKellar said...

I'm so glad things are ok. We had a scare very similar to that who is now Lucie. I actually put in a tampon (stupidly) because of how much bleeding there was. I think I was about as far along as you. I'm sorry for your scare, but I'm so glad things are still going well!!!

Alecia said...

Holy crap Molly. Get lazy please!!!

Jen Crew said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry. I have been following your every update, this one scared me good. I'm always your neighbor and am great at giving shots. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

Court said...

I'm so glad that everything's ok. These things always happen when our husbands are away, right?!?

Prayer is an amazing thing! Praying for you right now in Alabama! May God bless that little one to grow up big and strong!

Devon T. said...

Phwew, glad this story ended with good news and happy your HCG levels look good. It's hard being told to relax and stop doing. . .everything! Some of us are just geared to "over-do-it" as our regular mode. You'll get the hang of it though and it's only temporary.

Sounds like Penny is taking good care of her Mama. Hugs to you the hubs, Penny, and the belly!

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Yikes! I made a similar mistake during my last pregnancy. I did too much exercise in one day and earned myself 4 weeks of no exercise and light rest.

Take it easy!