Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good Things Do Happen to Good People - Molly

I am a big fan of Guiliana Rancic (if you didn't already know) and her willingness to be SO public about her struggle with infertility. This week they announced that through the help of a gestational carrier, she will have her sweet baby late summer/early fall. What a sweet miracle for this amazing couple.

I was pleasantly surprised as well during last night's episode of ABC's Private Practice. Dr. Addison Montgomery, who has also struggled with infertility and IVF failures, also received a baby via adoption.

catch her Tuesdays at 9pm

I have also received other news of fellow unexplained infertility friends (known and not known) about their successes as well. It's so nice to see good people get good news. My heart and prayers go out to those who I know are still battling. Remember, you may have lost the battle, but you will win the war. Stay strong and stay positive.

Can you tell I am still on a lot of estrogen?

In other news, I am 6 weeks today and the nausea has completely set in. What a glorious feeling!!!! Nothing sounds good to me, but once I do eat, I feel better. It is the eating that is the challenge. I will admit to some potato chips and onion dip last night. It was the only thing that peaked my interest!

Mid-afternoon naps are also a favorite of mine (it also helps with the progesterone suppository, I have to lay down). Our ultrasound is on Monday. Jason and I are so excited. Hopefully we will find out if there are ONE or TWO bats in the cave right now. I have had no more additional bleeding, not even old blood.

I have slowed my schedule down and am so grateful for all the help with Penny that has been offered. She is thrilled to have play dates and I am thrilled to not have those puppy eyes looking at me every hour of every day.


Court said...

I'm so excited for the Rancic family! =)

Jimmy and Alison said...

Must be a PREGO thing . I'm in love with chips and sour cream !!!! glad to hear of your success.