Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Very Nice Gift - Molly

A few posts back I received an email from a friend regarding my blog. Turns out a good friend of hers has been reading it and has also been down the IVF path. She asked (her friend) if she could send me her extra estrogen patches. So my friend (still following?) emailed me and asked if I could use more estrogen patches. 

Well being a 4 patch girl, I knew I would eventually need more, so I enthusiastically accepted. The patches arrived a few days later. Four boxes full (32 patches).

Now i knew this was a generous gift, but I had no idea until yesterday.

It was time to order more. Being only 6 weeks along, I know I have a few more weeks before the weaning begins. I refilled my prescription and gave them my Benny card for payment. I was a bit curious of the charge, so I asked the final price.

When the customer service rep rattle back to me that it was over $300, I was floored. 

Each patch is OVER $9 a patch! 

$9 a patch! I am wearing $36 dollars of meds on my belly EVERY OTHER DAY!

I then became VERY GRATEFUL for that generous gift I received a while back. 32 patches were GIVEN to me. That is one generous package.

So THANK YOU to that wonderful person (you know who you are).

I will always remember the kindness that was shared with me. I hope I can pay it forward.

one expensive little patch!


Court said...

That's great! My husband and I are about to embark on our journey with IVF. One of my blog readers recently sent me her leftover Follistim, and another is donating her unused PIO.

Ashley said...

This should be the link to the voucher sign up for a free box

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