Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Been Awhile - Molly

Hey Friends! It's been too long! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We sure did. We hit up Breckenridge and Leadville for some good snow. Jason had a blast in the deep powder and I enjoyed my time with Penny at the parks.

I started my Lupron today. 10 units. It's a small thin needle, but it packs a punch. Still on the birth control, my last day will be on the 9th. YAY! My estrogen patches and progesterone inserts (yuck) are in the mail. I start those on the 14th.

We also bought a juicer! A Breville, and it has LOTS of parts. I am excited to just have more access to healthy fruits and veggies, especially for the summer. IF we get pregnant, then juicing will be a great addition to my diet.

Sorry more isn't happening right now. Stay tuned though. It will get interesting. Just wait til you see me patch up!

our new juicer! now i just have to figure it out!

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