Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 1, 2, 3 & "3"- the results.... Haylee

Monday morning, 2/27- 
Out of the 13 eggs that were retrieved during surgery, only 2 of the eggs were mature.  Those eggs were put into the "free swim" (IVF) petry dish with some of Joe's super hero's.  Those 2 eggs were fertilized as of this morning- we have 2 embryos.   

There were 2 other eggs that had just made it to a mature enough size this morning to undergo ICSI (they take the sperm and literally inject it into the egg to fertilize).

2 eggs fertilized?  That is it?  Not to sound like a brat.  But we were hoping for more MATURE eggs.  So many thoughts & concerns running though my mind right now.  Don't get me wrong, 2 fertilized eggs are way better than none.

Monday night, Dr. M called to clarify what happened.  Never in her wildest dreams did she think we would only come out with 2 mature eggs.  She thought worst case it was a fertilization issue with us.  Everything about our IVF process (and all our IUI's) were text book perfect- meds, responses, hormone levels, measurements, etc.  However, what is happening is the follicles and everything around them are developing the way they should, but my eggs are not maturing at the rate they should be.  This means there is an egg quality issue.  My girly parts just aren't working right- or together for that matter of fact. 

Like I said, this not only threw us for a loop, but her as well.  She said it is very rare this happens in a healthy person at my age (this is typically something she would see in a 40+ year old woman).  We will freeze our 2 embryos on Wednesday (Day 3), it is too much of a risk to take them to day 5 blastocyst.  She also thinks they will survive better inside of me.   It is of her professional opinion when we decide to transfer, we transfer them both to up our chances of having a baby.  It is still to be determined what happens with the ICSI dish- but it doesn't look likely they will be viable embryos to transfer.  Time will tell.

Right now I do not feel good.  I feel defeated.  I have so many emotions still going through my mind even though Dr. M's call totally helped.  This is just so hard.  This journey HAS NOT been easy at all for us.  Nothing about the surgeries I have been through, meds or anything has been easy on my body or mind. 

Tuesday morning, 2/28- 
Great news from the embryologist.  They were able to ICSI 3 eggs and 2 fertilized!  We now have 4 embryos.  They will call tomorrow to discuss the quality of the embryos. 

Fingers, toes and lots of prayers the quality of these 2 new embryos are good enough to also freeze!!  This would give us 2 chances of becoming pregnant now that we know we will have to transfer 2 at a time!  Woo hoo.  Come on ICSI embryos, grow, grow!

Wednesday afternoon 2/29-
Our 2 "free swim" embryos were safely frozen today on their day 3.  They have 8 cells and one is perfect quality, the other is middle grade.  They will call tomorrow afternoon with the embryo quality of the ICSI twins (this will be their day 3 since they fertilized later).  Still praying they will be strong and viable enough to freeze. 

Thursday afternoon 3/1-
Our 2 ICSI embryo twins were froze today (today is their day 3).  One was great quailty the other not so good, but they decided to freeze that little one too in hopes it will be able to grow in my body if we need to use it.

So here is what we have 4 embryos:  1 is a 4 grade (this is awesome quality), 2 are a 4- grade (this is really good) and 1 is a 3 grade which is not that great.

I am thankful our first transfer looks like it will be strong, even with a day 3 freeze.  For now I will rest, get my body back (get the hormones out), have a little fun, work and hopefully get back to yoga & snowboarding! 

So much gratitude and love to you all for the prayers, support and for reading.  My cup runneth over. 
4 embryos- NOT MINE- safe and sound in the freezer- all frozen individually -I love them already....


Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Oh that's so disappointing! I'm so sorry Haylee. I'm glad you were able to get at least 4 embryos out of it though.

STILL not pregnant said...

Yep, 2 chances are always better than none :) Much love to you! -H