Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not by the hair of my chinny, chin chin - Molly

Ok, I am starting to get a little annoyed with all of the hormones I am on. 

I can handle hot flashes or night sweats.

Indigestion and constipation don't get me down.

Break-through bleeding or bruises on the belly are really no big deal.

But I am getting tired of.....


I'll admit that before all of the hormones, I did have one or two hairs that would grow on the right side of my chin. One or two - that's normal. And I am a little obsessive about making sure I keep them plucked.

But since doing all of the IUI and now the IVF cycle - my hormones are a little out of whack.

And now I feel like there is a little black FOREST growing on the right side of my chin. Each hair is thick, bristly, black (sometimes white - odd, I know) and it is becoming impossible to keep up with them all.

I have asked my laser hair removal people about them and they say nothing can be done until AFTER pregnancies, breast-feeding etc. Oh, and the white ones - can't be helped at all.


I hate feeling like a billy goat.


Cher said...

I do electrolysys. Permanent. Can do it when pregnant. It hurts but I never pluck. I am sorry about all of the side affects. I am praying and hoping for you!!!

Alecia said...

Join the club! Why is it always the right side? :)