Monday, February 27, 2012

Follow Up with Dr. Schoolcraft - Molly

Today I had my follow up with Dr. Schoolcraft. Jason was unable to be there and we thought to conference him in, but it was a quick meeting and I was quite pleased with the results. Dr. Schoolcraft was THRILLED with the results of this cycle. He was very optimistic and excited about our outcome. He also said that these results are what they truly hope to achieve with everyone. The whole conversation made gave me lots of hope.

Other questions I asked:

1) How many embryos will we transfer? To up the chances of at least having 1 baby, we will transfer 2.
2) Out of my 5 embryos, do I have boys or girls? You have a mixture.
3) What is the grading on my 5 embryos now? A, A, B+, B+, B+
4) Which ones will you transfer? Both A's.
5) If this doesn't work, what is next? We will transfer one more, but I would be SHOCKED if this did not work.
6) This has seemed so smooth, so easy. Why has this been so difficult to achieve inside of my body? I really don't know. There is no reason, it's unexplained. It probably would have eventually happened, but we are here because it wasn't happening soon enough.

So even though I have no "real" answers. I feel so grateful for the answers to our prayers. My body has done what it needed to do - so far. But with the guidance and help of CCRM, we are maximizing every chance to have a baby. I feel good. I feel positive and optimistic. I am excited. I finally feel like myself.

Next up?

Thursday morning I have an FET meeting with the nurses. They will go over all the drugs, calendar etc to prep me for transfer. Lupron starts next week and before I know it the estrogen and progesterone will be starting too.

Estimated transfer date is still 4/2. But it could move up a week. It will all depend on my uterine lining (which my acupuncturist will help thicken) and hormone levels.

Again, a big thank you for all of the prayers, thoughts, good intentions and well wishes.


Kristina said...

Yay!! So exciting Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindy & Trever said...

Great news Molly. Prayers will continue to be with you.

Olivia Stipe Manke said...

Yay! That's wonderful Molly! Those are awesome gradings for your embryos. I hope things continue to go well.